Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hypoglycemic Thoughts: 19 Nov. 2011

I drag my wife to bed at 6 PM, thinking we can just take a nap, get up around 9, and have a fun late night.

While in bed, I have a dream: me and a bunch of celebrities are in the middle of an empty street, and we're kind of bored, so we decide to spend a little while playing some game that's very easy from moment to moment, but has no real end condition, even when somebody loses... we just trade places and keep going. A very small, easy game of "Moose," maybe (identified on Theme Party Queen as "Skunk the Moose").

Somewhere, deep down, I sense the mortal danger inherent in this situation, but I just go with it anyway.

When I wake up, I look at the clock, and it says 3 AM. I think, Ugh. This idea, which seemed wonderful, arrived at the worst possible outcome: I've slept long enough that I'm completely awake, too awake to go back to sleep, but it's late enough that there's nothing interesting to do instead of sleep. So I'm extremely awake, at the most boring possible time.

In my dream, I was locked into infinite banality. I woke into an identical world. Maybe this is hell.

But then I realize it's not 3 AM -- it's actually only 9 PM after all! I would never have slept until 3 AM. And the solution to the dream was simple: get bored of the celebrities, stop playing the game, wake up to the real world.

So in reality, every mortal conundrum arrives at the best possible solution, and thus simply vanishes on its own! Maybe this is heaven!

According to my diabetic apparatus, when I woke up, my blood sugar was running around the 50-60 level. So this all sounded very profound to me in my hypoglycemia, but may sound very banal (there's that word again) to anyone operating on a fully-functional brain.

I don't know if I'll get around to recording any more of these low blood sugar thoughts, but if I do, they'll be labeled "hypoglycemia." The RSS feed for that tag is here: Hypoglycemia on Bad Fancies.

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